What we believe

Like most businesses we have got a set of simple beliefs that make us tick.

It's just three little headings but we think they make all the difference.

1. People make our business

People are at the very heart of our business whether it is our customers, staff or business partners. Delivering great experiences for our guests is what excites us, working together as a team to do so is what motivates us.

We know that in delivering a great leisure experience it is always people that make the difference.

2. There is no better place than Suffolk

We are passionate and proud about the wonderful part of the world in which we live and work. Our business operates here and our team lives here which means we always seek to play an active part in our community. This philosophy spans our business whether its playing a strategic role in local bodies or organisations, such as Visit Suffolk, or through our day to day support of local communities, suppliers or charities.

We care about local produce, culture and community and do our best to foster all of these through our business operations.

3. Our business should be sustainable

Our businesses benefit from being in some of the best locations in the country, so we take a genuine and active responsibility to ensuring the sustainability of our environment for future generations and our own business success.

We operate a dedicated team, supported by the senior management, whose remit was to explore how ‘green’ initiatives and products could be used to reduce our environmental impact. We have still got lots more to accomplish in a journey that will never be complete, but we are proud of what we have achieved so far.

Corporate Social Responsibility